Art in Child Care

Child painting mural

The child care setting can be a great place for children to use and explore different types of art materials. By providing children with many different materials appropriate to their ages and abilities, child care providers can encourage children to use their imaginations and be creative. Children can work on motor skills by stimulation using different types of materials (paper punches, clay, and crayons) and demonstrate an understanding of certain concepts, such as big and small. Through art children are able to express feelings, ideas, and solutions which they may not be able to express verbally. Below are a variety of articles to help you learn more about art in the child care setting.

Children’s Artistic Abilities

Planning Art Activities

Common Dilemmas with Creative Art

Art Activities for Child Care

For specific art activity ideas to use in your child care program, check out the eXtension Alliance for Better Child Care Hands-on Activities Database.