Child Care and Military Families

U.S. Navy Officer hugging his daughterThe young children of military families need the same kind of child care experiences that all children need: care that is warm and responsive, learning opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, and relationships that respect the whole family. But providing high-quality care also means understanding the many ways that children and families differ and tailoring our care in response. When we enroll military-connected families into our program, that means taking responsibility to learn all the ways that military service impacts children and parents, and then using that knowledge to plan meaningful learning experiences and build caring relationships. 

The following resources can help child care professionals provide care and learning that reflect and respect their military connectedness.

Articles on Child Care for Military-Connected Children

The Child Care Setting

Coping with Change and Stress

Supporting Military Parents/Families

Resource Lists

Web Conferences

Social Media

You can also join our growing online community of child care professionals on social media, where we gather and share resources and information from other sources and have ongoing discussions about topics that matter when caring for children from military families.