Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers and Infants in Child Care

Breastfeeding room in child care

Breastfeeding provides important nutrients for babies. Some mothers may wish to continue breastfeeding while their children are in child care. They may choose to adjust their work schedules so they can come and nurse the baby at your home, they may collect and store breast milk for you to feed the baby during the day, or they may have you feed the baby formula during the day but continue nursing at home. The following information about breastfeeding babies can help

Guidelines for Child Care Providers to Prepare and Feed Bottles to Infants

Bottle feeding baby

Infants in child care programs have special feeding needs, and developing a feeding plan should be an important part of enrolling an infant in child care. Parents and child care providers must work together closely to ensure that infants are being fed in ways that promote healthy growth. Child care providers are responsible for feeding infants in their care¬†appropriately based on the regular feeding routines parents have developed in consultation with their child’s pediatrician.

Helping Parents Make Infant Feeding