Preparing a Vehicle Safety Kit for Your Child Care Program

First aid bag

Field trips can be valuable learning experiences for young children in a child care program. Unfortunately, emergencies can happen on these outings. However, with careful planning, child care providers can help ensure that children are safe and that you are prepared to handle minor emergencies. A vehicle safety kit will help you be prepared for breakdowns, minor medical emergencies, and other challenges such as unexpected bad weather. A well-stocked vehicle safety kit will help you handle unexpected problems on the

Tips to Keep Children in Child Care Safe Inside and Outside Cars

Child being buckled into safety seat

Child care providers play an important role in helping children learn how to be safe around cars. Whether you are taking preschoolers on a field trip or providing transportation for children to or from the child care program, you are the children’s role model for vehicle safety, both inside and outside the car or bus. Remember that staying safe around cars is something children need to learn. Teach the following rules to prevent vehicle-related injuries while children are in your …

Choosing a Car Seat: What Child Care Providers and Parents Need to Know

Child being buckled into safety seat

Transporting young children safely is an important issue both for parents and for child care providers. If you are a child care provider transporting children, it is your responsibility to work with the parents to ensure that children ride in safe, approved and properly installed child safety seats. 

Each state has specific laws regarding child passenger safety. Check with your specific state to see what the law requires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has developed recommendations for transporting