When Child Care Providers Should Report Suspected Abuse or Neglect

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Deciding to report suspected child abuse or neglect is a tough decision for all child care providers. Here are some guidelines for deciding when to make a report.

  • Report immediately if a child is in danger. Take action and dial 911 if a child could be seriously hurt.
  • Report concerns by phone within 24 hours if your concerns are serious, but you do not feel the child is in immediate danger. It is easier to remember details and information that

Guidelines for Child Care Providers Talking with Children about Suspected Abuse or Neglect

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Hearing a disclosure — a child telling you that someone has abused or hurt him — can be scary for child care providers. Many thoughts may run through your mind. You may be worried about the child and yourself, unsure of how to respond or what to say, or angry with the parent or alleged abuser. Responding to a disclosure of abuse or neglect is a big responsibility.

Being Sensitive Is Essential

Children often are reluctant to tell about abuse. …