The Manipulatives/Table Toys Center in Child Care

Multilink cubes

Manipulatives and Table Toys Support Children’s Development

A wide variety of materials used in child care and early education programs fall into the category of “manipulatives,” including different types of building bricks and toys, collections of objects for sorting, small dolls and animals, and many other types of toys. Manipulatives, sometimes referred to as table toys, are an important part of the early childhood curriculum because children can use them to practice a wide variety of skills. Some …

Planning a Successful Manipulatives/Table Toys Center in Child Care

manipulative toys on shelves

Manipulatives and table toys give children the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills while exploring different numbers, shapes, and colors. This center should have easily manageable materials for children.

Setting Up a Classroom Center for Manipulatives and Table Toys

  • Location: This center should be in an area with table(s) and chairs, or a quiet floor area with a rug. Because working with manipulatives requires quiet concentration, it may be best to separate this area from noisy areas such