Using Hand Washing Songs to Encourage Children in Child Care to Wash Hands Thoroughly

Girl washing hands

Hand washing is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of germs in child care. When washing hands, it is important to scrub for a full 20 seconds. Many children forget to wash their hands for this long. Teaching children in a child care setting to sing a “hand washing song” while they wash is a good way to help them measure if they have been scrubbing long enough. 

The following are a few examples of hand …

Hand Washing in Child Care

Children washing hands

Keeping all children healthy is an important goal of child care programs, and washing hands carefully and thoroughly can help children and child care providers prevent the spread of germs that cause illness. Thorough hand washing can remove as much as 90 percent of the virus-containing particles and bacteria on your skin. That’s a lot of protection from infection for the amount of time and effort it takes. Child care providers and children should wash their hands regularly during the …

Tips to Prevent Spreading Germs during Diapering

Diaper changing table

Diaper changes are an important part of caring for infants and toddlers. But diaper changing can also be a source of spreading germs if child care providers are not careful. To prevent the spread of germs, child care providers need to set up a clear procedure for diapering, and follow that procedure with every diaper change. Here are some tips for keeping the diaper area clean and changing diapers safely.

Setting Up the Diaper Area

Use one central place for …

10 Steps to Change a Diaper in a Child Care Setting

Diaper changing table

Children in child care are more likely to share germs because they are in close contact. Child care providers can prevent the spread of germs and reduce the chance of illness by changing diapers correctly. Follow these 10 steps for safe, healthy diaper changing in child care.

Important reminder: NEVER leave an infant unattended on a changing table. Check to make sure you have all the supplies you need before bringing the child to the changing table.

10 Steps