Infants in Child Care

Infant sleeping and smiling

Infancy is one of the most important stages in a child’s life. Child care providers need to understand how infants develop in order to provide sensitive, responsive child care programs that meet the needs of individual infants. The following articles give child care providers some basic information about infant development.

Tips for Child Care Providers to Soothe a Crying Baby

Crying baby close up

Caring for a baby who cries constantly can be exhausting and overwhelming for child care providers. It’s easy to get frustrated and angry when nothing you do seems to calm the baby down. Here are some ways to calm a crying baby (or several babies) in a group setting. But never shake a baby! If you shake a baby you can cause permanent damage or death. Babies have large heavy heads and weak neck muscles. When a baby is shaken, …

Suggestions for Child Care Providers to Meet Infants' Needs

Smiling infants wearing hats

Providing child care for infants is different than caring for older children.  Babies have special ways of communicating, specific nutritional needs, and unique scheduling routines.  It is important for child care providers to know and understand infants’ specific needs and ways of communicating so they can better provide for the infants at their child care facility. 

Infants need caring adults they can depend on. Child care providers can build trust by by spending time one-on-one with babies and responding …