Helping Young Children Understand What They Have Read

Girl reading book next to painting

As children become more familiar with books, their abilities to remember and comprehend stories will improve. Comprehension means that children understand what they have read. It is a skill that becomes important as children enter school. As children better comprehend stories, they will be better at remembering, analyzing and using the information.

Strategies to Help Children Understand What They Read

Child care providers can learn to ask questions in ways that help children better understand what they have read. The …

Easy Ways Child Care Providers Can Help Young Children Build Literacy Skills

Teacher reading to children

Supporting and encouraging young children’s emerging literacy does not have to be difficult. Child care providers can be great role models to help young children learn reading skills. If providers read and write with children, the children are more likely to enjoy reading and writing and to learn that literacy is important.

Many child care providers read books aloud, but forget that there are other ways to encourage children’s emerging literacy skills. Here are some simple things child care providers …

Three "Bs" in Child Care: Blocks, Balls, and Books

book center with loft

Some of the best toys for kids have been around for a long time. Blocks, balls, and books are simple, durable, and fun and can help children build skills. They can also be enjoyed by kids of all ages. These should be staples in every child care program.

About Blocks

Blocks are good toys, because children of different ages can use them in different ways. Infants like to carry them around and dump them into and out of containers. Toddlers …

Helping Young Children Learn to Write

Girl writing

Children’s writing actually starts with their earliest scribbles. By giving infants and toddlers chances to draw with crayons, child care providers are encouraging them to practice the skills that they will need for later writing. With time and practice, children gradually learn to control the scribbles to make lines, circles and eventually some simple letters. These letters are often upside down or backwards, which is normal for young children. After a while, preschoolers may start to put these letters together

Choosing Books for Young Children in Child Care

Dr. Seuss books

Child care providers can introduce young children to the world of reading by choosing books that match their age, development, and interests. A child’s book is something special—a world of ideas and fun. Child care providers can help children learn to love the world of reading by introducing books that capture their interest. To be most effective, books need to be appropriate to the age and developmental level of the children in the group, and appropriate to the interests of …