What is the difference between a child care center and family child care? Which is better for young children?

A child care center cares for larger groups of children in a facility outside a private home. Child care centers may be large or small but usually divide children into groups by age, with different child care and early education professionals to work with each group. Individual states regulate child care centers.
Family child care is usually provided in a person’s private home by one or two individuals. Most states have limits on the number of children who can be …

What is a staff-to-child ratio, and why is it important in child care?

A staff-to-child ratio is a measure of the number of children for whom each child care provider is responsible. The staff-to-child ratio is usually stated in numerical terms. For example, if each caregiver cares for 10 children, the ratio is 1 to 10.
In general, lower staff-to-child ratios are one indicator of a higher-quality program because a child care provider can be more sensitive and responsive to children’s needs if he/she is responsible for a smaller group of children.
Child …