How can I encourage our child care staff to be more of a team? I just started this job as a director.

Consistency and teamwork in child care are extremely important for the safety and care of all children. As a director, you can encourage the child care providers in your center to work as a team in several ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • Hold monthly staff meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Plan occasional team-building exercises.
  • Attend professional development workshops or conferences as a team.
  • Send providers to different workshops, and then ask them to share what they

What Child Care Providers Need to Know about Preventing Abuse and Neglect

Woman kissing baby

Preventing child abuse and neglect is an important concern of all child care providers. Statistics show that the majority of abusers are parents, although the public perception is that abuse in child care centers is common. This false perception creates a very real challenge for child care providers. Child care providers need to be sure to provide a safe environment for the children in their care in order to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect in the child care …