What does "developmentally appropriate practice" mean?

• Developmentally appropriate practice (or DAP) is a way of teaching that meets young children where they are — which means that teachers must get to know them well — and enables them to reach goals that are both challenging and achievable.
• All teaching practices should be appropriate to children’s age and developmental status, attuned to them as unique individuals, and responsive to the social and cultural contexts in which they live.
• DAP does not mean making things …

Early Learning and School Readiness in Child Care

Kindergarten classroom

Young children in child care are always growing, developing, thinking and learning. We now know that the first few years of life are extremely important for children’s brain development. Without early opportunities to explore, learn and discover, children may be less ready and able to learn later on. Child care providers play an important role in supporting and nurturing young children’s learning.

The idea of getting children school-ready or ready to learn is still important, but high-quality child care programs …