Things to Consider when Planning for Physical Activities in Child Care

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Childhood obesity is a growing problem in early childhood. Child care providers can play an important role in preventing obesity by helping children stay active and learn the importance of physical activity. Here are 15 things to consider as you help the children in your child care program stay physically active.

  1. A major reason for the growth in the rate of childhood obesity is lack of exercise. Children today are less active, and the rates of childhood obesity are growing

Helping Children in Child Care Be Physically Active

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Eating healthy is only one way child care providers can help children maintain a healthy weight. Physical activity is also important. According to Shape America, children need 60 minutes of unstructured active play,and 60 minutes of structured physical activity each day. Here are some tips child care providers can use to help all children get a healthy amount of physical activity each day.

  • Plan regular times for unstructured active play. Young children need plenty of time to run, jump,

Active Play in Child Care

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Regular physical activity is important for everyone, but it is especially important for young children. Child care providers can be positive role models as they work with the children in their care. The routines and habits that are started early in life will be easier to continue as the children grow. Children who have opportunities for active play several times a day will find it easier to come back and focus on small motor and cognitive tasks.

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