Hand Washing in Child Care

Children washing hands

Keeping all children healthy is an important goal of child care programs, and washing hands carefully and thoroughly can help children and child care providers prevent the spread of germs that cause illness. Thorough hand washing can remove as much as 90 percent of the virus-containing particles and bacteria on your skin. That’s a lot of protection from infection for the amount of time and effort it takes. Child care providers and children should wash their hands regularly during the …

Preventing Illness in Child Care

Children washing hands

Because children in child care spend so much time together, it’s not unusual for germs to spread. Child care providers can reduce the spread of common illnesses by using simple precautions like thorough hand washing and keeping surfaces and toys clean. Child care programs can also help prevent the spread of illnesses by requiring immunizations and by developing rules to exclude children with specific symptoms. The following articles will help child care providers, directors, and parents keep children

Guidelines for Excluding Sick Children from Child Care


Although most parents would not take a very ill child to child care, they may try to leave a child who is recovering from a mild illness or injury. State regulations usually specify under what conditions children must be excluded from child care. Child care programs should provide parents with information to help them clearly understand state regulations and their policy on sick children.

When deciding whether to accept a child who has been sick, it is important to consider …

Immunization Requirements for Child Care

Child receiving immunization

Children in child care may be more susceptible to sharing illnesses because they spend so much time together. Immunizing children is a simple step that prevents the spread of potentially serious illnesses in the child care program. Be sure all children receive their immunizations on schedule to protect everyone’s health.

Immunization Requirements in Child Care

Most child care programs require that children be up-to-date on all immunizations. Parents who are enrolling their children in a child care program for the …