Creating Safe and Appropriate Diapering, Toileting, and Hand Washing Areas in Child Care

Diapering, toileting, and hand washing are important routines in child care, and those areas of the child care classroom are important parts of children’s experience in child care. With thoughtful planning, child care providers can set up an area to handle these important caregiving routines while also significantly reducing the spread of germs and disease.

Diapering table in infant room

The Diapering Area

Diapering is a regular, everyday occurrence in infant and toddler classrooms. It is important to set up a diapering area that is …

Diapering and Toileting in Child Care

Diapering table in infant room

Diapering and toileting are two of the most common times that germs are spread in child care. Child care providers need to know the right way to change diapers and appropriate ways to help children us the toilet in order to greatly reduce the spread of illness in the child care program. The following articles have specific ideas and information about safe and sanitary diapering and toileting in a child care setting.


Tips to Prevent Spreading Germs during Diapering

Diaper changing table

Diaper changes are an important part of caring for infants and toddlers. But diaper changing can also be a source of spreading germs if child care providers are not careful. To prevent the spread of germs, child care providers need to set up a clear procedure for diapering, and follow that procedure with every diaper change. Here are some tips for keeping the diaper area clean and changing diapers safely.

Setting Up the Diaper Area

Use one central place for …