Car Safety in Child Care

Britax car seat

Child passenger safety is a big concern for all involved in child care. Parents who bring children to and from a child care program want to be sure they are riding safely. Child care programs that transport children — including driving to and from children’s homes and transporting children on field trips — want to be up-to-date on the latest advances in child passenger safety. The following articles have some basic information about keeping children buckled up safely.

Tips to Keep Children in Child Care Safe Inside and Outside Cars

Child being buckled into safety seat

Child care providers play an important role in helping children learn how to be safe around cars. Whether you are taking preschoolers on a field trip or providing transportation for children to or from the child care program, you are the children’s role model for vehicle safety, both inside and outside the car or bus. Remember that staying safe around cars is something children need to learn. Teach the following rules to prevent vehicle-related injuries while children are in your …