Adapting the Child Care Environment for Children with Special Needs

Charlotte Cleverley Bisman, a child with prosthetic arms

Many child care providers work with children who have disabilities or special needs. Remember that children with special needs are children first, and have more similarities than differences from children without disabilities. Every child has a unique personality and special skills. Keep your primary focus on each child’s strengths and abilities as you work to make modifications and adjustments.

Making Adaptations to Include Children with Special Needs

Each child is different, and each delay or disability will require different modifications. …

Specific Ideas for Child Care Providers to Help Children with Hearing Disabilities

Infant with cochlear implant

Child care providers can give valuable support and assistance to children with hearing disabilities. Supporting young children with hearing challenges is important because listening is the foundation for language development in most children. Children who cannot hear well may have difficulty learning to speak and need to be exposed to language in the child care setting.

Remember that children with hearing disabilities are not all alike. Some children may be able to hear a little; others may not have any …